On the positive note, I recently┬ápassed the GCFA exam!!! Biggest help is making a cheat sheet. Note all the commands, artifacts, descriptions etc alphabetically (and note a little definition for each). If you’re interested in seeing mine, I would be more than happy to share my award winning cheatsheet.


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  1. Chris


    I’m about to take the FOR408 exam (studied using the OnDemand videos, which were pretty awesome). Just writing up my own cheat sheet, which is move involved than I was expecting – I’d love to see your one (especially as you passed!).


  2. Dan

    Please share your cheat sheet with me and any other study material that I should buy for the exam.

  3. Nkb999

    Hi, congrats! Can u pls share your cheat sheet for GCFA? Thanks in advance.

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